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With the constant advancement of human civilization and rapid development of science and technology, the pace of our life is becoming faster and faster and the pressures of life are increasing, how will we face them?


Taijiquan, the Common Wealth of Mankind


“Taiji” is a generic term regarding the laws of changes in all creatures on the earth. In ancient Chinese philosophy, this reflects a process in which Wuji (“Infinite”) gives rise to Taiji (“Supreme Ultimate”). Taiji produces Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang evolve into all creatures.


Vincent Zhao: Taiji is about the balance of Yin and Yang. It requires that the front and the back, the upper and the lower, and the left and the right form a circle, and all the positions are round and balanced.


The Idea of Balance


More than 300 years ago, Chen Wangting pioneered Chen Style Taijiquan in Chenjiagou, Wen County, Jiaozuo, China. It has since developed into different schools such as Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Sun Style and Wu Style, and is loved by people from different countries and got popular around the world. Why does this old boxing method have such a strong vitality? 


Taijiquan interprets the core concepts of nature. Harmony, health and sharing in taiji culture reflect characteristics of impartiality and comfort, modest and implicit, slow and rapid, hardness and softness.


The most important thing for us to arrive at in the world is to know life. The process of exercising taijiquan is a process in which one realizes and comprehends one’s own changes, unleashes one’s own potential, improves self-cultivation, harmonizes interpersonal relationships, and pursues the balance of human thought and the internal system. It helps one understand one another, and the relationships between humans and nature. 


Yu Zaiqing: Practicing taijiquan can make your character kinder and is very helpful for starting a nice family and establishing a harmonious society; in other words, creating a wonderful world.


A Sport for Health


Taijiquan is the law of taiji, and incorporates the principles of nature; the principles of nature and the methods of cultivating the body’s well-being are a crystallization of traditional Chinese wisdom.


Jet Li: Taiji is about how to achieve body and mental balance. In terms of mentality, one looks for how to make arrangements and adjustments, and it is possible to start seeking this balance from taiji.


As early as the 1980s, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Sports University jointly carried out empirical researches on the fitness effect and mechanism of taijiquan exercise, demonstrating the effect of exercising taijiquan on thehuman body. Many universities and scientific research institutions around the world have deepened their studies of taijiquan in recent years.


The U.S.’s Time Magazine hailed China’s classic taijiquan exercise as a perfect exercise. Nearly 100 million people around the world are engaging in taijiquan exercise.


Shared Wisdom


The vitality of taijiquan also benefits from its open and shared mode from its history and has achieved modern rapid spreading via the Internet. Taijiquan has become one of the world’s most popular fashionable fitness exercises.


As part of every wushu championships, taijiquan has become a competitive sport in the world. Since 2014, The World Taijiquan Championships have been held internationally. Taiji Push Hands (Tuishou) is also becoming increasingly popular and emerging as the most distinctive wushu sparring event.


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